AFK Arena Mod APK/IOS (Unlimited Diamonds)

AFK Arena Mod APK/IOS (Unlimited Diamonds)


AFK Arena Mod Apk is one of the games that make your gaming experience a memorable one. There is no doubt that is the game has gotten the attention of most gamers around the world today.

It is a role-playing game for android which requires you to gather a team of heroes to fight your enemies. You will create your invincible team and fight in the arena, getting titles and awards.

AFK Arena Mod APK/IOS (Unlimited Diamonds)

The AFK Arena Mod Apk 1.28.03 will put you in a fantasy world where you travel across a beautiful environment, fighting against evil and preventing him from destroying the kingdom of Hesperia.

Getting interesting right?

Yes, each hero in this game has unique skills, abilities, and characteristics. Therefore, you can gather a team so that each of the characters complements the others and challenge their opponents.

The cards in this game will be randomly generated and allow you to play through the game again.

Anyway, there are a lot more interesting things that you need to learn about this game which will be unveiled as you read through. So sit back, relax as you read through this wonderful piece.

Game Overview Information

This section will give you a brief insight into the kind of game that you are about to download. So pay attention to the AFK Arena Mod Apk 1.26.03 overview information below;

  • App Name – AFK Arena Mod Apk Unlimited Diamond
  • App Category – Game
  • Game Category – Strategy
  • Game Developer – Lilith Games
  • Versions – AFK Arena Mod Apk 1.22.07, 1.26.03, 1.28.03
  • Game Size – 84MB


The Gameplay

The AFK mod apk/ios will make you find demons invaded your world! So you need heroes and saviours who represent one of the six factions; Call them to be your fighter.

You have to train your characters and improve their skills, acquire nice armour and weapons, combine your magical powers with other players from all dimensions. Defeat the demonic army with your strong warriors!

By the way, you need a collection of cards with unique heroes, discover new factions, get all the heroes from each faction, each has their unique abilities and fighting style! The developers did a great job by taking the prototype of the warriors from Celtic mythology.

Exploring dungeons and labyrinths is an experience that requires you to find the most secret and rare treasure hidden behind hundreds of mysterious passages.

So ensure you relax and get your rewards because this game will absorb you completely, and you will forget all that has been bothering you.

AFK Arena Mod Apk Features


Even if the mod version of this game is not its original version. People tend to prefer it to the original version because of its numerous features.

So, some of these features would be made known to you in this section which I believe will make you want to download the game real soon.

  • Get Unlimited Diamonds

This one of the special mod features in this game. Well, diamonds are like the currency found in this game. In most cases, they are not easy to get which makes their value increase.

Some of the best ways to get them to include bounty quests, campaign quest completion, earning from attacks, etc. If you can’t go through the stress of getting them, then you consider buying with money.

The good news now is that you can get unlimited diamonds just be downloading the modified version of this game.

  • Get a whole collection of legendary hero cards

You are meant to discover factions and heroes, each of which has been drawn in their own unique and amazing style. The game developers drew inspiration from the mythology of the Celts, and you will not stop until you add these cards to your collection – every single one

  • You will be rewarded for playing Afk Arena

When you play AFK Arena, you will completely forget about school or work. No complicated actions or strategies: let your army of heroes fight and bring you riches. Just ten minutes a day is enough!

  • Discover the treasures hidden in the labyrinths

Get to the heart of Esperia’s many labyrinths located in the Summits of Time. Play at your own pace without any restrictions or timeline. I guess this is a feature that you would love to see in all games you play.

  • You are opportune to team up and fight with players from all over the world

You are allowed to join alliances with other players you meet to cope with different kinds of dangerous opponents together. Assemble a strong team of heroes and participate in the AFK Arena global Legends Championship. Therefore, the lover of team works will hopefully love this.

  • Think over strategies and conquer

As you win victory after victory, you will be pleasantly amazed at the infinite number of hero builds available to you. Use all the possibilities of heroic alliances and faction bonuses, because they can go to your advantage and allow you to gain an advantage in battles.

  • Climb the spiral staircase of the King’s Tower towards the endless paths of the Secret Labyrinth and explore the mythical Peaks of Time – new adventures await!
  • Choose a hero from four factions: Savages, Lightbringers, Tormentors, and Dearborn. Build your heroes and use their powerful abilities to defeat your enemies!
  • Allow your heroes to fight while you work or play! All you have to do is press a button and collect the rewards they fought for.
  • Enjoy playing as any of 44 unique and colourful heroes. Train them from aspiring adventurers to powerful champions. Therefore, this is up to you because the heroes are yours.
  • Search for sacred artefacts hidden in the hidden corners of the Peaks of Time and uncover new storylines. This gives you an adventurous feeling.

    What’s new?

  • A new brute hero is added: Drez – Sand Hermit
  • The Deep Expedition event is now open where players will be allowed to participate in this event after completing campaign stage 15-40.
  • A new adventure, Canyon of Winds, has been included to The Wonderful Journey.
  • A new adventure, The Howling Wastes, has been included to the Traveler’s Balloon, which opens at the end of the stage
  • A description of the mod
  • You get a Private server
  • Your rewards are increased
  • No ads present
  • License check is removed
  • Unlimited Diamonds and Coins
  • Get unlimited Dust
  • All heroes can now be unlocked
  • Free to download
  • Safe to play
  • Easy installation process
  • Automatic update
  • No rooting required

Steps to Download and Install AFK Arena Mod Apk


At this point, all that should be running through your mind is the steps to install this amazing game on your phone. So the process explained here should make life easy for you. You can check them out below;

Ensure you have enough space on your SD card or phone memory. Meanwhile, the recommended RAM is 2GB.

  • Click here to download Afk Arena Mod Apk
  • Wait for the download process to be completed, then located the file where it is downloaded in your file manager.
  • Immediately you’ve located it, note it and go and allow application from an unknown source on your phone.

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Follow this guide to allow application from unknown sources;

  • Go to your phone menu
  • Navigate the settings.
  • Find security, and check for unknown sources.
  • Tap on it and allow.
  • Having allowed an application from unknown sources, you can now install afk arena mod apk.
  • Enjoy your gameplay.


AFK Arena for PC

Have you ever wondered if the AFK arena is available for PC? Have you been waiting for such? Whatever your answers maybe, I am glad to inform you that this interesting is now available on PC.

You can play AFK Arena on your computer using the BlueStacks emulator. It offers several advantages, plus the ability to play on a large screen with convenient controls.

All thanks to the BlueStack emulator which has made management configuration to be convenient for you. Meanwhile, if you have several accounts at once, you can launch several windows with the game simultaneously and play in parallel.

Anyway, we have chosen to tell you how this works because of the love we have for you, so check out the guide below to successfully install this game.

How to Install AFK Arena for PC

To run the game, you must have installed the BlueStack Emulator (you can download it on their official website) also ensure that you have a Google account.

After you have successfully downloaded it, you can find the game in Google Play, or download the file from the link, which will add it to the emulator. Once downloaded and installed, you can start the game.

Playing has never been easier. Sit back and relax in a beautiful world full of epic stories, thrilling adventures, and many great rewards.


Everything that you need to know about the Afk Arena Mod Apk has been covered in this article and I hope you enjoyed it. Why not share with other gamers would love to enjoy this also by using the social share buttons.

Meanwhile, your comments are appreciated in the comment box below. Thanks.

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