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Hi friends today we will be sharing ideas on the best VPN for chrome 2020, chrome has been on the internet since 2008 and has taken many numbers of users all over the world. If you are searching for the best VPN for chrome note that you are in the right place, here will be discussing the best VPN for chrome extensions and how useful they will be in your everyday use.




This VPN is the fast and best VPN protection you can dream of to use it is a virtual private network that provides quality VPN services it offers IP and DNS leak protection which stops exposure of information. Nordvpn routes users internet traffic through a remote server accessed by the service desktop applications for macOS, Windows, Linus, Andriod, and ISO, mobile app, etc. is been provided by Nordvpn. this VPN works on all devices and with Nordvpn you can secure 6 devices with a single account and it blocks malicious websites from infecting or corrupting your device and Nordvpn provides 24 hours assistance/support for it user through live chat, messages, and via email.

Nordvpn works by the best practices in VPN security which make it safe because it free of DNS leaks, it offers a kill switch and you can access multiple protocol options


  • Nordvpn blocks malware and ads on your device
  • You can double protect your device with Nordvpn
  • With Nordvpn you enjoy uninterrupted streaming from your device
  • Nordvpn gives you all safety protect but doesn’t track collect or share your personnel data
  • Nordvpn makes sure your data does not leak and your internet traffic is well protected
  • Nordvpn serves as a browser extension for chrome and chrome will secure your browsing instantly
  • Nordvpn uses the OpenVPN and internet key exchange V2/Ipsec technologies in it applications
  • It supports p2p on all servers
  • Nordvpn has a very high rate of speed
  • Nordvpn has advanced encryption and this makes it the best etc.

Nordvpn has numerous benefit and advantages it works perfectly on chrome, from my own analysis Nordvpn is faster and easier to use and the security of Nordvpn is protected from any form of malware because it uses AES 256-BIT encryption algorithm to secure your data, and these, in particular, is used by top government companies to wide and some top-secret and important files. There are two types of security protocols on Nordvpn we have the OpenVPN UDP/TCP and IKEv2/Ipsec.

Here are some features of Nordvpn
  • Split tunneling: which can be used on the browser extensions for chrome
  • Nordlocker: this encrypts your files before you share or upload them to the cloud
  • Kill switch: this blocks traffic leaving your device if your connection is disconnected and it stops your DNS requests from being leaked [ IP Address]
  • Double encryption: in Nordvpn double encryption offer double VPN actions whereby it routes your traffic through double servers [two serves].



Ultra VPN has a high-speed rate and it is one of the most important advantages to look into when considering ultra VPN, it is fast and easier durable, and always available for its user s. it has about 100 servers across 58 countries and above it is a virtual  private network that provides a quality

And sustainable connection on chrome and is very durable to use.

With ultra VPN you will be receiving 24/hours support from their live chat, email, and phone. Ultra VPN can be slow depending on the server you are using ultra VPN work by the best practices in VPN security and this makes it safe and easier to use desktops application like windows system was the main reason why ultra VPN was built, presently ultra VPN offers its services for both macs, android, and ios devices. The security performance of ultra VPN is very secured and the main purpose of installing a VPN is for security reason, so with this VPN connection and data are kept in order, no leaking of information to any third party website even  ultra does not have access to your personnel data meaning that they don’t track, collect or share your personal information

In ultra VPN there is a no-logging policy, the only state they will be aware of the IP address of your device


  • Ultra VPN blocks malware on your devices
  • Ultra VPN gives you all safety protection and doesn’t share your details, collect or track into your details
  • It has a very high-speed level
  • Ultra VPN provides you with 24/7 quality customer care service
  • Ultra is very simple and easy to use
  • Ultra VPN uses open VPN protocol support with AES 256 encryption
  • Ultra VPN serves as a browser extension on chrome
  • Ultra VPN does not leak any data which means you are secured
  • This VPN doesn’t track what you do online with your device like the sites you visit etc
  • With ultra VPN you can get free wifi without the fear of been blocked.

Ultra VPN has numerous benefits note that this VPN is very good on chrome. Like I said before it is easy to use and it unlocks Amazon, iPlayer, Netflix and so many other applications. the VPN secures your date and keeps your secret safe.

Here are some of the features of Ultra VPN
  • Kill switch: this blocks your internet connection and it stops your DNS request from been leaked
  • It unlocks the whole web: you get access to different online services, watch moves and events
  • Ultra VPN allows P2P connections and torrenting without and do or don’t policy
  • Ultra VPN has multiple security protocols


This VPN provides a very cool and amazing interface, it is a virtual private network for all web browsing which provides quality services to the users this VPN allows free access to all internet programs and has a very high and excellent speed for torrent, streaming, anonymous browsing.

Cyberghost VPN has an unlimited bandwidth that provides comprehensive  VPN services for more than 10 million users, this VPN blocks malware and gives you a secured interface. You can block ads with CyberGhost VPN, it allows the connections of more than 5 accounts simultaneously CyberGhost is a very safe VPN provider and it has double encryption. When using CyberGhost outside note that it has automatic wifi protection which ensures your free streaming outside is safe and reliable.


  • Cyberghost VPN encrypts your traffic and protects you from all snoopers
  • It blocks malware on your device which keeps you save during your online activities
  • Cyberghost has multi-platform support
  • This VPN has a double encryption
  • Cyberghost doesn’t review your details to any third party
  • Even them they not accessing into your privacy
  • Cyberghost doesn’t track what you do online with your devices
  • Cyberghost blocks ads and virus on your devices
  • This platform offers up to 256-bit of encryption and you can adjust the encryption levels to your test
  • Their support center is always online 24/7 to assist
  • Kill switch: CyberGhost VPN has an automatic kill switch which helps in clearing browsing sessions
  • Unlimited bandwidth and traffic CyberGhost has an unlimited bandwidth which accommodates large use both in streaming
  • Multi accounts: this VPN accepts up to 7 accounts
  • Double encryption: this VPN has double encryption actions whereby routes your traffic (two serves).


Surfshark is a private DNS this VPN is fast and convenient for user advantage, it is a virtual private networl\k that offers IP and DNS leak protection which prevents your information from been tracked by a third person. Surfshark has a free ad blocker provided on it which means you can block unnecessary ads displaying on your device and you can connect surf shark with unlimited number of devices or accounts with the assurance that all will be secured.

This VPN is good for torrenting, anonymous browsing, etc they speed of surf shark is cool and has the average speed of 40mbps and the streaming score is rated 5/5, desktop application surf shark can access through our android, mac, windows, ios, chrome, firefox, etc. it can be used as an extension on the above software, more especially is best VPN for chrome software it is safe to use the encryption of this VPN is AES-256-GCM which makes it strong and reliable.


  • Surfshark VPN blocks malware on your device and keeps you safe from online
  • Surfshark has a speed average of 40 Mbps which makes it fast
  • Is used as an extension for chrome
  • Surfshark uses the open VPN and IKEv2/Ipsec to unblock locations based restrictions
  • Hackers cannot track or hack your private account even when you are using a public wi-fi hotspot for browsing outside
  • The encryption of surf shark VPN is very strong it uses military-grade encryption and this has been used in government for the protection of top government secrets
  • Their support agency is always available to resolve problems they are online 24/7
  • Surfshark doesn’t share your information
  • Kill switch: surf shark has a dedicated kill switch which automatically terminates every of your browsing session, it clears your browser and prevents your IP address from been tracked.
  • Unlimited account: with surf shark you can get your whole family covered because it allows you to use its services on many devices simultaneously.
  • Multi-hop: this prevents you from tracing your digital footprint and it functions as masking for IP address.
  • Camouflage mode: surf shark uses camouflage mode to ensure that even your internet providers can’t tell you are even using a VPN service.
  • Versatility: surf shark has an amazing split tunneling features called whitelisting these allows the user to provide unsecured access to trusted websites and it will be seen as a standard ISP connection


what is a VPN? VPN is a virtual private network that helps you to shield your personal data with end to end security across public networks, this is created by developing a virtual point to point connection through dedicated circuits.

How do I set up a VPN extension on chrome?

  • from the list of VPN choose the one you like
  • search on your chrome web store
  • Click the add tp chrome button
  • it will automatically be added to your extension
  • you can now sign up and choose any plan you can afford


Thank you for going through this article, on this article today you can now be able to choose the VPN you will use on your device that will suit your chrome browser. our work here is to give you the best and that’s what we have given you above if you are confused and you want to ask questions kindly hit the comment section we will be glad to see your questions and if this article has helped you comment below and tell us how happy you are with the information don’t forget your opinion matters too.

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