Best Laptops for Nursing Students

Best Laptops for Nursing Students

Hello, friends today we will be listing the best laptops for nursing students that suit everyday activities more especially scientifically areas.

Laptops are easy to access because it runs multiple tasks at the same time if you are wondering or looking for the best laptops to use as a nursing student note that you have landed yourself to the right source where you will have different laptops product listed for you to make your choices.

Best Laptops for Nursing Students

With the way technology is going so far, everyone, especially students, should have a laptop to help in making their study faster and comfortable in getting information from different sources at the same time interval mainly for the project and other vital assessments.

Sometimes we students are required to use our laptops. Without it, we feel so incomplete and left behind in studies and other relevant information; for nursing students, many classes or lectures have been held online, and with the help of good and solid laptops, it will be easy to access everything at one time.

Sometimes the online classes are the reason you can’t compare the use of the phone to laptops, there are several advantages of laptops to a nursing students number one is off it goes to the fact that is more efficient and detailed in note making or note-taking, it helps in compelling of file and documents faster, in writing and editing note, converting group works, etc.

Laptops are also suitable for mobile use, today laptops are commonly used in different setting formats such as at work, web browsing, for multimedia tasks, playing of games, and more especially for educational purposes. A nursing student should have at least a laptop that will be durable and flexible to run software that exposes more nurse courses, laptops that will be easy to access so as to document any scientifically reports getting from procedures of practical.

Nursing is a service that involves several duties, files to secure and records to keep, I believe handling the process on a sheet of paper or not book will be too insecure well there is no big deal keeping a hard copy of files, typing file on a laptop as a student makes them secured and private too.

Remember I said above that laptop for nursing students should be considered a must get in order to explore all online activates related to studies, as studies now have been shifted online due to the COVID-19 virus which has affected the school physical gathering and activities.

For a nursing student choosing the best laptops for online lectures and making notes know that it will be an amazing step to take as it will broaden your brain and help you score a high grade in the upcoming exams for all nursing students around the world.

The prices of laptops should not be a problem there are affordable ones to get too and if you have much then get ready to explore our list of quality laptops, we are going to discuss the best laptops for students stay tune and don’t forget to click on the Share button to share to your friends and colleges. Note that in this article we are going to list the specifications and capabilities of the best laptops for nursing students.

Below are the best laptops for nursing student 2020    


The Apple MacBook Air laptops are a very durable and comfortable laptop so many people love using Apple products, because of its features. MacBook’s are expensive laptops, but if you can afford it note that it is a perfect ideal for compiling nursing files and documents.

As a nursing student checking the requirement or software requirement should be considered because it will help in finding out the operating system that will be perfect to use the screen size of the Apple MacBook Air is super cool and it has fast processing speed. this product is one of the amazing lightweight laptops in the market it weighs only 2.9ib and has a thin body surface of 0.68 inches.

The display features of the Apple MacBook Air

  • The size of the screen is 13.3 inches.
  • It has The body of 0.68 inches
  • The height of 0.41-1.61
  • The retina displays of 13.3 inches led-backlit display with IPS technology 25060 by 1600 native resolution at 227 pixels per inch with support for millions of color displays.

The battery capacity of the Apple MacBook Air

Another thing to consider when buying this product is the battery life, the Apple MacBook Air batteries are strong and dependable it lasts for hours which means you can rest assured of studying a long time without charging it

  • the Apple MacBook Air lasts up to 11 hours’ wireless web
  • the Apple MacBook Air lasts up to 30 days of standby time
  • it has a non-removable battery- 49.9watt per hour lithium-polymer battery
  • it has USB-C Power Adapter.

The memory and storage capacity of the Apple MacBook Air

  • Apple MacBook Air has 256GB based SSD, 512GB based SSD
  • Apple MacBook Air has 8GB OF 3733MHz LPDDR4X onboard memory which can be upgraded or configured to 16GB memory
  • Apple MacBook Air has a fast processor and best graphics, the camera is 72op face, the time HD camera has thunderbolts 3 port with support for charging, display port, etc.

The connectivity capacity of Apple MacBook Air

  • It has 802.11ac Wi-Fi wireless networking
  • Apple MacBook Air has Bluetooth which is 5.0 wireless technology

The Apple MacBook Air has features that are not listed here like the accessibility, audio, and video support, etc. but trust me they are all super cool. Considering loads of assignment given to nursing students by their lecturers and professors this laptop is no doubt durable for nursing students


Acer 14-inch chrome OS has an amazing and clear crystal and is affordable it has weight 3.42ib which makes it good but a little bit heavy too, due to the weight you may not be carrying it about all the as it may get you tired soon. Acer 14-inch chrome OS is easy and durable to use as it will help you work on multiple tasks at a time, believe me when I say Is very fast, it has a processing of 1.6Ghz intel Celeron processor with storage of 32 GB.

Acer 14-inch chrome OS supports the chrome OS as its operating system it has a sparkling silver color and it looks very attractive, this product is of no doubt unique and easy to access information, browse while typing and making of notes, it is also recommended for the nursing student in the documentation of scientifically reports and status it helps to enhance and broaden the online teaching as it gives room for other activities at a go.

The displays feature of Acer 14-inch chrome OS

  • It has a screen size of 14 inch
  • Acer 14-inch chrome OS has 1080 time 1920 of display
  • Acer 14-inch chrome OS has The body size of 13.4 *9.3 *0.67 inches

The storage and memory capacity of Acer 14-inch chrome OS

  • It has the storage of 32GB SSD

The connectivity of Acer 14-inch chrome OS

  • Acer 14-inch chrome OS has intel 802.11ac
  • It has Bluetooth connection
  • The camera is webcam

Acer 14-inch chrome OS weighs 3.42 pounds which makes it a little bit heavy but it is faster and durable for the nursing students the battery is so strong. Acer 14-inch chrome OS has many features that give the best result for you as a nursing student.

3. DELL INSPIRON 15 5000 5593

DELL INSPIRON 15 5000 5593

Dell products are unique and portable laptops many people prefer using Dell laptops, this particular Dell product DELL INSPIRON 15 5000 5593 comes with 15.60 inches of full HD LED BACKLIT and a good display with Anti Clare panel, note that DELL INSPIRON 15 5000 5593 is powered by the latest intel core 15 1035GI.

DELL INSPIRON 15 5000 5593 is a windows 10 laptop which make it easier for a nursing student to buy it has windows 10 features, it has a resolution of 1920 times 1080 pixels. This laptop provides easy accessibility regarding the software’s been used by a nursing student applications like PEPID PROFESSIONAL NURSING SUITE this software provides information needed to excite excellent medical care to a patient and running it with DELL INSPIRON 15 5000 5593 it will work perfectly as it runs the software faster and also give a better result.

The battery life spam of Dell products lasts for a long hours DELL INSPIRON 15 5000 5593 has 3 cells and is under inspiring series you can get the laptops in a different color format like in platinum silver colors and midnight blue colors.

The display features of DELL INSPIRON 15 5000 5593

  • The screen size is 15.60 inches
  • DELL INSPIRON 15 5000 5593 has a resolution of 1920 times 1080 pixels
  • It has intel ULTD graphics

The storage and memory capacity of DELL INSPIRON 15 5000 5593

  • It has 4GB memory
  • And 512GB SSD

The connectivity capacity of DELL INSPIRON 15 5000 5593

  • It has a standard Wi-Fi support of 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • In DELL INSPIRON 15 5000 5593 you can input web camera and speakers
  • It has a processing speed and processor of Intel core i3 10th GEN i3 1005GI

DELL INSPIRON 15 5000 5593 was launched last year in September 2019. It weighs 4.03Ib which makes it heavy but has great unique quality and features. It will be a very good choice for all nursing students looking forward to exploring in their field of study.

4. HP 15.6”

HP 15.6”

HP laptops have great features and ways of impacting your works, making it a lot easier and simple to use on the long run every nursing student should consider getting HP 15.6”. the best thing you should know about HP 15.6” is that it offers different types of RAMS with these alone the combination makes multi-tasking a faster one for any student both nursing students and other related courses.

HP 15.6” supports the fast transfer of data and it has windows 10 operating system already installed in it, which means you don’t have to install windows after buying it. HP 15.6” has a larger keyboard for fast typing and as a nursing student, this laptop will help you to make notes as fast as possible. It has 8GB RAM with an amazing processor of 1.6GHZ intel core i5, it supports ITB mechanical Hard Drive and the battery life spam is portable and it last.

HP 15.6” is affordable in the market nursing student software’s like SKYSCAPE NURSING CONSTELLATION ALL IN ONE NURSING SOLUTION runs very well on the HP 15.6” laptops as the software helps to expose the nursing student to all nursing essentials in one complete package, it has 600 medical resources and also has additional information that a nursing student will find helpful and convenient to have in one medical software.

The display features of HP 15.6”

  • The size of the screen is 15.6 inches
  • It has a resolution of 1920 times 1080 pixels
  • No screen touch

The storage and memory capacity of HP 15.6”

  • It has ITD machine hard drive
  • It has 8GB RAM
  • It has a processor of 1.6GHz Intel core i5
  • It has a graphic card Intel HD graphics 620.

The connectivity capacity of HP 15.6”

  • HP 15.6” has wireless network Realtek 802.11 b/g/n/a/ac (2*2)
  • It has blue tooth 4.2 combo.

This hp product is very durable and nice for nursing students with its many features.


Having gone through this article today I believe that your quarries on the best laptops to buy as a nursing student have been solved, Here we lookout in giving you the best.

The nursing student looks forward to using the best laptops and gadgets as it gives the best result in every area of their study, not forget to ask for the requirements of the software you will be running your laptops with from your professor or lectures before choosing from the above list laptops.

Wow, I believe this article really helped to solve your choice in choosing the best laptops, don’t forget that the main thing to consider when getting a laptop is the features so do well to choose from the article and don’t forget to share with friends and colleagues in the same field by clicking on the share button. Remember your questions and comments will be recommended for us to give you the best.

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