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Hello, friends today we are going to discuss the 5 best phones for realtors 2020 if you have been searching for where to get information on the latest phones to get for quality results to note that you are in the right place, enjoy your reading here because you will be exposed to the best phones to get for professional realtors 2020.

According to the national association of realtors _ Bigger is better in the eyes of real estate agents. Firstly, we all know that our cell phone or let me say your smartphone has a great value in our daily business today, it makes our everyday transactions easier and durable with the help of our smartphones we can be able to upload or document files, in arranging of office meetings, in reaching out to people through social media, calls and making payment, etc.


Realtors phone are phones used to easily make transactions and documentation by an estate agent who looks forward in getting easy access to things like office-related applications used in making easy online transactions, emails calls, etc. this brings us to the point where we put into consideration the smartest phones to us in carrying out your legal activities {estate agents works}. you will want smartphones with a good and secured or tight security features in order to keep your data secure, super cool battery life that will keep you going and is very solid in order to perform your daily works successfully without running out of battery in a short time, phones with the good intuitive interface are also considered when buying a smartphone for estate agency works and a good camera should also be considered too.

Sometimes it is easy to find a great smart cell phone maybe the appearance of the phone or how big it looks can attract your attention but the real fact here is some smartphone is not a good choice to make for businesses like real estate agency work, note that when it comes to using of smartphones a realtor has a broad array of choices to make on the phone to use, as I said above the features of a phone is the number one thing to check for or look out for.

Note that there are so many smartphones and they all have their different unique qualities and we stand here to give you the best phones for realtors, our aim is to see that your business moves to the next level with the right choice of smartphone you will make from our lists of smartphones. Below are the best phones for a realtor

1. One plus 8


this smartphone has a durable and fast interface it is a flagship-tier phone, this phone is easier to use and it also lends well to multitasking activities. It has a snapdragon of 865 process 8/12GB RAM and is up to 256 GB storage. The network capacity of one plus 8 smartphones is the sweet part about the phone, for any rector agent this phone will be a better choice the phone gets information faster it has 2G bands, 3G bands, 4G bands, and 5G bands. The processing speed which has HSPA 42.2/5.76 Mbps, ITE-A(5CA) Cat 18 1200/150 Mbps, 5G 7.5Gbps DL The display of one plus 8 has many features which make super cool the includes  The size which is 6.55 inches, 105.6 cm  Appearance which has fluid amole capacitive touchscreen, 16m colors.  The protection sector that has corning corolla class 5, HDR10+90HZ refresh rate.  The main camera has triple cameras the wide, macro, and ultra-wide cameras  Selfie camera has a single camera the feature Auto HDR Etc.

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The best part of any smartphones is their battery, now we come down to the battery part of one plus 8 it is a non-removable battery that has 4300mAh battery and its charging capacity is very fast 30W Reason why you will go for this smartphone is that it has a very long-lasting battery, the smartphone was launched this year on April 14, 2020. Prices of on is $710.00, Ali Express is $644.00 You can search where to buy it too on other platforms. Let’s move to the next,

2. Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical edition


Wow, this phone is super amazing and good for realtors to go and get too as regards to its features which is formulated in it. Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical edition runs one UI20 and it has 128GB of storage which can also be expended through micro SD cards. It has a great measure of 151.70 height, 69.10 widths, and 7.10m thickness, it weighs about 163.03 grams.

Samsung Galaxy S20 tactical edition has fully descriptive qualities which include  Camera capacity: rear flash which has dual led, rear autofocus it has a front autofocus Rear camera which is classified 12-megapixel (F/1.8) + 64-megapixel (F/2-0) + 12 megapixels (F/2.2)

An estate agent needs a smartphone that has a good camera that can capture the full package not only capture but gives a super outlook of a package before sampling it to a business associate or clients. Considering the Samsung Galaxy Tactical Edition will be a perfect ideal because of its camera features.  Battery capacity: charges as fast as anything fast, the battery capacity is 4000mAh which makes it a great choice to consider too, it has wireless charging access too which means no need to go about with your r charge everything since it can be charged through wireless  The display: Samsung Galaxy Tactical Edition is super good, you will believe with me that having a great phone view gives joy and as well satisfy your view towards a product or building been capture before sending it out to the other person or client involved. So Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition has a screen size of 6.20 inches, and a resolution of 1440*3200 pixels.  The connectivity capacity: it has a standard supported Wi-Fi connection of 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/. The sim 1 type is Nano sim mainly for GSM/CDMA. Samsung Galaxy Tactical Edition supports 3G, 4G, and 5G it also has the same features in sim 2. Samsung Galaxy Tactical Edition has a very good sensor for security purposes fingerprint and face unlock etc. this phone has numerous features which have been mentioned and the one here too like the software, hardware features, etc. Samsung Galaxy Tactical Edition was launched on May 20, 2020. The price of this phone can be seen on, etc.

3. Black BERRY KEY



blackberry key2 is a very suitable smartphone for any realtor who loves a keyboard or button smartphone to use in doing business, I believe is not everybody that is good in using screen torch phones so many realtors prefer using smart button phones in carrying out their works, so BlackBerry Key2 is the right choice for any estate agent works. if you fall into that category of button phone lovers then BlackBerry Key2 is a better option to consider. BlackBerry Key2 phones have merged with android as an operating system on its phones in recent years, and believe me it has a high-security surface which makes your data files more secure. The full specification of BlackBerry Key2 is super cool and believe me when I say your data files will be secured. BlackBerry Key2 has 2G bands, 3G bands, and 4G bands. The speed or processing speed is HSPA 42.2/5.76 Mbps, LTE-A (3CA) Cat 11 600/75 Mbps. Display features of BlackBerry Key2  BlackBerry Key2 have a screen size of 4.5 inches  Resolution of 1080 times 1620 pixels  The operating system is android The connectivity capacity of BlackBerry Key2  BlackBerry Key2 has 2G, 3G, and 4G bands  It has a single sim (Nano sim) The storage memory of BlackBerry Key2  The storage memory has a card slot which is micro SDXC  An internal SD which is 64GB/6GB RAM, 1286B 6GB RAM. This particular blackberry product has a loudspeaker 3.5mm jack, the security sector is very high it has a fingerprint, proximity, compass, gyro, the browsing features HTMLS messaging which includes SMS, MMS, EMAILS, PUSH EMAIL, BBM, IM, etc. It has a single camera for selfie 8 MP, F/2.0, ¼, 1.12 pm, And video 1080@30fps, it still has numerous features and I know that button phone lovers in this field (estate agent realtors) will appreciate this smartphone you can get the price from lovers,, etc.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note


Samsung Galaxy Note

This phone is a super great smartphone it was lunched year ago; this phone is a very good choice for realtors it has been out a long time. For Samsung lovers, the phone has a very high battery life sperm and that is why using it for office activities, saving of file and documents will be a better ideal for any realtor, due it is outdated but still it has a very interesting feature that will make you work with it as a pocket supporter too. Well, I wouldn’t know what choice you do make since there are a list of another super smartphone in the article do well to make the right choice that will suit your work interest. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was launched on august its storage is 128GB/6GB RAM 5126B 8GB RAM and it has a micro SDXC. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a strong and durable non-removable lion battery 4000mAh, it has a fast-charging capacity of 15w and also Qi/PMA wireless charging capacity Samsung Galaxy Note 9 battery features make it too dependable for n estate agent to use. is easy to use and access information on the phone day in day out. The display features of Samsung Galaxy Note 9  Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has very optimistic features  The cameras are good to go with both the front and back  Has led flash, auto-HDR, panorama, dual videos call, and Auto-HDR features The storage capacity of Samsung Galaxy Note 9  Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has 128GB/6/GB RAM  Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has 5126B 8GB RAM  It has a micro SDXC The battery capacity of Samsung Galaxy Note 9  it has a fast-charging point 15w  it has Qi/PMA wireless charging capacity The connectivity of Samsung Galaxy Note 9  Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has 2G bands, 3G bands, and 4G bands with a high-speed internet connection for browsing  It has HSPA 42 2/5.76 Mbps, LTE-A (5CA) Cat 18 1200/200 Mbps. There are numerous features this phone has that will make your business movie to another level as a realtor. Check for the price at, eBay,cu.UK etc.

5. Huawei mate 30 pro


Huawei mate 30 pro

This phone has a great battery life spam which helps in extending your work to whenever you want because of the durability it provides, it features has a way of putting smiles in the face of its users so considering Huawei mate 30 pros as a realtor is a great ideal. It is a fast browsing phone and the features give a super-exclusive view, note that it is affordable and enhances the brain towards work with its features. Huawei mate 30 pros were launched on 26 of September 2019, it has an android, Emil 10 software (operating system) it’s internal storage is 128GB/8GM RAM, 256GB/8GB RAM. Its speakers are among one of the best speakers listed above, it has a high sound and its security sensors are very active and cool to use. Know full well that the security is in tight it has fingerprint, gyro, barometer, compass, an accelerator for security purposes. The displays capacity of Huawei mate 30 pros  The screen size is 6.53 inches  The resolution is 1176 times 2400 pixels  Huawei mate 30 pro operating system is Android 10, EMUI 1O The storage capacity of Huawei mate 30 pros  The internal storage is 128GB 8GB RAM, 256GB 8GB RAM  It also has a card slot of NM (Nano Memory), which is 256GB  It uses shared sim slot. The battery capacity of Huawei mate 30 pro-Non-removable battery  Huawei mate 30 pro has 4500mAh battery  It charges fast with a speed of 40W  Huawei mate 30 pro has fast wireless charging speed of 27W  It also has reverse wireless charging too. The connectivity of Huawei mate 30 pros  It has 2G,3G,4G bands  It has a high-speed  HSPA 42.2 /5.76 MBPS Huawei mate 30 pro has many exclusive features, it is well structured and I recommend it for you as a realtor.


Remember our aim here is to give you the list of the BEST PHONES FOR REALTORS, having gone through this article answers and solutions on the phones to use as a realtor has been solved. we look out in giving you the best don’t forget to check back for an update on the best gadget to use as a realtor. Ask a question too in order to help us give solutions and don’t forget to give feedback contributions. We believe in giving you the best and do well to in others looking for this ar

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