Download Showbox Apk for Android: v5.50

Today, you’ll download Showbox APK for android. Showbox apk for android is an app that’s always been in the tendency for watching free films and TV shows without a subscription or registration.

Download Showbox APK for your android HERE

You have to prepare the app and input some essential information to start using it. The older Showbox version was v5.35, which was not updated since the previous 3-4 months.


Download Showbox Apk for Android: v5.50

Many websites now fake Showbox Apps worldwide to misguide your audience and trap them to downloading fake computer software online. Unfortunately, the App has been eliminated after a Legal Complaint registered in January 2020 and wasn’t readily available for downloading or anything else.

But today, I’ll show you everything you need to understand without any exceptional promises or some other BS answers.

This began in 2010 when a third party celebration networking streaming app named “Showbox” was launched online. The App needed all the impressive features demanded by customers for downloading and watching movies.

Many other competitions launched and got extinct; however, they weren’t able to shake Showbox’s domains. The App turned into the most frequently used third-party networking streaming App for free movies and TV shows.

What happened to Showbox

So you’d be thinking that in spite of all these hypes, where has Showbox gone to. Isn’t it?

Showbox is software that fosters piracy across the internet. Many instances are enrolled within these and on the websites promoting this App. This resulted in a severe downtime between 2016-2018,  leading to the collapse of this app.

It had tried to reestablish many remedies but it still failed. The final upgrade was three months ago, which had been a v5.35 version. Following a wait for three weeks, the latest v5.50 version is found in the lockdown for users’ entertainment.


The latest v5.50 apk premiered on 05th June 2020. It was nothing much new, The hosts are all up, and tiny bugs are fixed. I won’t waste your time giving any false information concerning the updates.

The v5.50 comprises every one the qualities of prior version v5.35. It’s possible to have a glimpse at it below this informative article if you’d love to attain that. has always tried to help its users understand more about the latest updates and details of this application.

But here’s an alert for all the users who are likely to use the App. I hope you will find it valuable.

Firstly, let’s take a look at its Characteristics, and then we will proceed on.

Showbox app brings delight to the people with a tight budget or people who don’t have enough time to watch it on television, but they want to stream paid content.

This system lets you perform the same; you can browse thousands of trailers, see movies, and TV Series for free.


Showbox Apk Characteristics:

Showbox app includes many unusual features; nonetheless, there still are some of the common features available which you need should learn about.

In this app, you’ll find the Newest Movies, favourite news, and TV shows in several languages. We can find more than thousands of paid/as Well because Free movies, television shows available on the marketplace. It’s free; you don’t need to register. This application, you can stream anonymously.

Can Showbox ask for age & sex?

Yes, it does. But have you ever wondered why Showbox can ask for the age & gender when you begin the App for the first time?

Mostly, our reply is definitely will be that don’t bother about it.

Nonetheless, it’s a vital facet of this App. Recently, the information was conceived by several big websites that Showbox shares its knowledge with movie studios.

Showbox app doesn’t disclose any information with anyone, but it might consider it if they are asked for. They retain the information privately in as much no inquiries are increased. Age & gender are needed for supplying you with better-personalized articles. It’s also used as a questionnaire substance for analyzing the Showbox app utilizing age classes.

Showbox Alternatives

Since we have no update of Showbox available for you guys, you can begin to sort out alternative apps for streaming movies for free. It’s ideal for saving money and effort while dashing on google to have a high-quality movie-streaming connection.

However, if You’re eager to install Showbox for IOS, then I have something for you which can help you in this kind of instance. But you can try using some other Alternative apps that work just as Showbox app.

You are in a position to proceed with Terrarium TV or perhaps MegaBox HD because they’re cross-platform apps and also have surpassed priority if you’re an iPhone userfriendly.

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How do I Emulate Showbox onto my Desktop?

You want an android emulator on your desktop. It is nothing difficult; you only need a tool that’ll enable you to get some other android app on your desktop without following any exact long procedure methods.

It’s a free tool based on your Needments and how you can operate these emulators. Nonetheless, it’s free of charge and contains a couple of features like installing android apps and permit them to continue to keep your account smoothly without a lag.

In case you’re confused about choosing an emulator, then I advise you to proceed with NOX Player because it’s quite straightforward and straightforward to understand if you’re a newbie and haven’t tried an emulator yet.

And if you’ve got an experience using an Emulator, you are at a position to proceed with BlueStack, as it is excellent and has a few more features you want.

Why Showbox App was down out of as long?

There had been many legal problems with Showbox, that distinguishes it by being online. You’ll notice many websites posting fake app links, but as I said, please don’t anticipate them.

Many websites are enabling their clients to acquire malicious documents on the name of their Showbox. Please attempt to receive it from reputable sources.


Wrapping Up

Before you download Showbox APK for android, know that the app is currently a suspended app, as it has legal and copyright issues it’s addressing. Due to its promotion of piracy, reports got it implicated.

The features go against the law and users are accountable for their usage. Movie studios could sue the users for copyright infringement.

Yet, if you’re interested in it, its up for download.

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