How to Find Wi-Fi Password on Android Without Root

How to Find Wi-Fi Password on Android Without Root

Today, you’ll learn how to find the Wi-Fi password on Android without root. With our smartphones, we have come across different networks. The Wi-Fi networks (especially) are at anyplace in schools, houses, gym, friends’ house, etc.. Wi-Fi Are available in almost every area today.

Wi-Fi enables you boundless access to explore the web. Everyone has access to numerous Wi-Fi networks. But in some cases, people don’t understand how to locate Wi-Fi password on android without root.

How to Find Wi-Fi Password on Android Without Root


With this hack, you’ll easily find your Wi-Fi password on your Android device. The significant issue is finding a way whereby we can draw on the password in the Phone using a root entry protocol in the android. For that, you need little applying insight utilizing Windows Command prompt.

How to find Wifi Password on android without root

    1. Get the Developer power

  • To get the files that android uses to run passwords, you need to turn into a developer.
  • Proceed to configurations on your Android device. Scroll down and find”About phone.”
  • Harness on it and scroll down to Find the Build amount.
  • Harness” build number” 5 Days Before a message pops up, saying, “You are presently a developer.”

     2. Let the debugging

  • Scroll down for Developer options.
  • Switch on the button for”Android/USB debugging.”

      3. Using WIFI WPS WPA TESTER App:

  • Now, launch the program out of App Store, and you’re going to observe the program will start scanning each one the Wi-Fi networks around you.
  • You can now observe the list Wi-Fi Networks the program found. The one thing to get this done is to check the colour of the ideal side lock once the lock remains green coloured, signifying the Wi-Fi is still hackable, and if red, then it’s not.
  • As soon as you receive the network with Green lock sign at proper, tap such a system.
  • An information popup can appear, and also you tap connection’ alternative.
  • Harness the link’ alternative
  • On a different popup, you might have two option Root or not any root. Now only pick the NO ROOT process there.
  • Decide on the ‘No Root’ alternative.
  • On a different popup, you might observe a list of the pin which may help enter the Wi-Fi networks, pick one of them, and select Join (root) alternative.
  • Decide on the PIN and pat on ‘Connect (Root)’
  • Now pin attack starts, and it’ll take some seconds to complete.
  • Wait around for a couple of seconds.
  • In case the PIN entry works efficiently, you’ll observe that the network password that you will replicate and then connect it to a network.
  • Copy the saved password to the clipboard
  • In case the pin doesn’t work, then you are going to locate an error message, and at the stage, you are going to be to test another snare, and I am confident that one of these will certainly work for you.

That is it you are finished, now you have obtained the VoIP password of the network and may easily use it to connect to the network that has some of the systems that you’ve got.

      4. During ADB Commands

Most of us understand that during ADB commands, we are now able to perform many works with our Android smartphones. Similarly, we can also observe the saved Wi-Fi accounts on Android through ADB commands. The impressive thing about the process is it doesn’t need root access to work.

  • First of all, visit the Preferences > About Phone. Under the About Phone choice, find Build Number.
  • Locate Build Number
  • Now you need to tap the Build Amount 5 to 6 times in a row. You will soon observe a message ‘ ‘you are already a developer.’
  • Harness the build Number.’
  • Enable the Developer options and after that turn, the android Debugging’ or ‘USB Debugging.’
  • Enable ‘USB Debugging’ or ‘Android Debugging.’
  • In your Windows computer, set up the ADB Drivers.
  • It’s possible to discover the URL to get each of the downloads. After it’s downloaded from your folder, you right-clicked from the folder and clicked on open Command Window, then it is good. However, if the alternative is missing, then scroll right down the Shift key and click on from the folder and choose ‘Open Command Window.’
  • Select ‘Open Command Window ‘
  • Connect your android device to the computer through USB cable. On the command prompt, kind from ADB suppliers and press enter.
  • Sort the command
  • It’s Going to record the attached out device. Now type in the command ADB tug /data/misc/wifi/ / wpa_supplicant. Conf c:/ / wpa_supplicant. conf
  • Watch Wi-Fi passwords
  • The above command can fetch the document in the android in your C Drive out of the PC. Open the next file.

You can now use all network SSID and PSK. SSID is the network name, and inquire is that the password of the Wi-Fi network. How to find Wi-Fi password on Android without root is easy

      5. Another Hack

  • Proceed to the settings of your cell phone.
  • Determine a backup and restore it in there.
  • Select local backup.
  • Select Wi-Fi configurations from here.
  • It will have a few moments or maybe not.
  • The backup file will be moved into your file Manager at a folder named backup.
  • Open the backup text file.

By that, you’ll receive all Wi-Fi passwords. S-[0990kave to your Android device. You’ll understand all your Wi-Fi passwords in a single place free of the root. The passwords won’t be recovered by anyone that doesn’t have your phone availability. Android asks a password while downloading this information.

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You already understood how to find the Wi-Fi password on Android without root; nonetheless, we can join it before knowing the password also. So, the above reveals the best way to how to locate a Wi-Fi password android without root.

With this cooling system, it’s possible to quickly regain a Wi-Fi password of nearly any network without so much as rooting your android.

I trust you like this; keep sharing. If you’re still facing any problem with finding Wi-fi Password on android without root, then comment below.

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