How to Take a Screenshot on a Mac

How to Take a Screenshot on a Mac

How to Take a Screenshot on a Mac

Let’s reveal how to take a screenshot on a mac to you in this article today.
Taking a screenshot on a MacBook is a must for many laptop owners because there are situations where you need to quickly capture some messages on your screen without having to copy and paste. 

This may include saving a frame from a movie or sending a text message. But the issue is that not all users of the “apple” gadget are aware of the possibilities offered by the macOS system.
The same is applied to many windows users who later switched to the Mac OS operating system and worry about solutions to fairly simple questions.

Anyway, questions like how to screenshot on mac without a keyboard, why is a screenshot on mac not working, where are screenshot saved on mac, how to paste screenshot on mac, where do screenshot save on mac, how to do a video screen capture on mac and others are very easy to solve.

All you need to do is pay attention to the guide here and put them into practice. You will learn more about the features of the process later in the article.
There are a lot of options here to choose from, so use any of the convenient ones!

How to Take a Screenshot on a Macbook Using Shortcuts on Keyboard

This method requires you to combine two or keys to get your desired result. So you can shoot everything that is on the MacBook display as a whole, part of it, or take a screenshot of a specific window.

The need for such actions when working on a computer appears almost at the same frequency. You can see the procedures to do use the shortcuts below;

Macbook Screenshot in Full Screen

The entire space of your screen is captured by the following combination:

Number “3”.

If the process was successful, the system will notify you with a sound signal, which is similar to the click of a camera. The result of photographing in the form of a file document will be saved to the desktop with the * .png extension.

Macbook Screenshot in Separate Window

For you to take a screenshot of a picture on a MacBook, you must use a set of keys below;

Number “4”.

After that, you need to click on the “Space” button on your keyboard. Instead of the cursor to display, something will appear in the form of a camera, which should be pulled up to the required window you wish to take. Then left-click on your mouse button.

Macbook Screenshot in Fragment of the Display

If you intend to take a screenshot of a part of the screen on a MacBook? Then you can use the same method as last time. See it below;

Number “4”.

Use a cross-shaped adapter in the shape of sight to outline the graphic space that you want to photograph. This can be done by removing your finger from the mouse, the screen saving is called.

How to Edit a Screenshot on Mac Using Software

If you wish to edit an image made with MacOS, you will have to use other software but it is advisable to choose those that already can instantly fix images at the output.

This option makes it easier to take a screenshot of the screen on a MacBook and make edits to it. You should see some of them in the below subheads;

Skitch Program

Discover how to take a screenshot on a MacBook Air or another laptop of a company from Cupertino, and then edit it with convenient software tools.

Yes, the Skitch program is a free utility whose functionality is not limited to snapshots. The software also allows editing photos. The set of tools is enough for the most common manipulations. Just see

the steps below to use it.
Cut out the required part.
Change the size.
Fill in the text box.
Insert geometric figures, arrows, markers.
Select text.
Sketch the unnecessary part.

Also, you can shoot a specific location or the entire screen, and use a timer. The disadvantage is that you cannot get a picture of a separate window.


This is another program that you can use to take a screenshot and edit on a MacBook. Yes, you can get the look of a web page, a patch, or an entire screen with the free LittleSnapper utility. The program creates a collection of screenshots.

The user also has access to adding tags, setting ratings, writing comments, easy editing, adding texts, shapes, arrows, etc.

How to Use Video Screen Capture Mac

In addition to taking screenshots, more serious tasks can also be exciting. For example, how to record screen video on Mac OS.

There are two main options for this;
The first option is to use QuickTime Player which is a third-party program. Yes, to start recording with QuickTime Player, you can either use File> New Screen Recording or press the appropriate hotkey combination (it is shown there).

As soon as the recording is enabled, several parameters can be configured in the window that opens. This includes choosing a microphone to record explanations for the video, and also enable the display of mouse clicks for the video.

Meanwhile, if the display for mouse click is enabled, the video can be slightly decorated. Some examples are shown below.

  • When you click the mouse on the screen, a black circle will be displayed.
  • When you click on the record button, you can specify whether to record the entire screen or a specific area.
  • You can use the Stop button to end the recording on your Mac.

The second option is by recording it directly through Screenshot, but only for Mac OS Mojave and later versions. This standard application is available in Utilities. When you activate it, a horizontal bar will appear at the bottom of the screen, which can be used to record either the entire screen or a specific part of it.

Where Screenshots Are Saved On Mac

According to the system settings, screenshots are programmed to be sent to the desktop. If there are enough of them, it makes no sense to keep so many images there.

The capabilities of the operating system allow you to store files in a convenient location for the owner. Therefore you can take a screenshot on a MacBook and send it wherever you want by changing the laptop settings and manually selecting a resource for storing screenshots.

How to Choose a Folder to Save a Screenshot on Mac

Instead of allowing your screenshots to keep saving the desktop screen, you can follow this guide to save images from another location.

Decide on a place (choose the right folder) that will serve as a repository, or you create a new one.
Next, indicate the address of the location. To do this, you need to print this text: “defaults write capture location ~ / Documents / Screenshots && killall SystemUIServer”.
But those who do not like to take so much time will have to find the folder icon created specifically for storing screenshots. You can easily drag it with the mouse cursor and then move it to the terminal line and everything else will be done automatically.

If you have a different version of Mac and for some reason, the default location turned out to be different, try searching for files, for example, by format using the Finder.

How to Set a Chronometer to Take Screenshots

It is often necessary to get what will be on the screen after a certain period. There is such a possibility in the computer from the “apple” company.

You need to open the Screenshot program, click Options, and check the Timer menu for 5 or 10 seconds.  Meanwhile, to disable this function, a checkmark is placed next to the inscription “No” in the same menu item.

You can accomplish the task by using the system functionality, by using a key combination that was shown earlier or by installing other software.


For you to screenshot on mac, just use the keyboard shortcut Shift + Command + 5 which you can also use to record video.

If you have a problem with a screenshot on mac not working, you should try using 3 or 4 instead of 5 because 5 might not work for earlier Mac OS versions.

For example, when asked how to take a screenshot on a High Sierra Mac, the answer would be Shift + Command + 3.

However, if you are familiar with windows 10, you would remember that you can take screenshots by pressing the Windows logo key simultaneously with the PrtScrn (or PrtSc).

At this point, I believe you have been cleared on how to take a screenshot on a mac, why screenshot on a mac is not working, video screen capture mac, where screenshots are saved on mac and others. So you should share with other colleagues online who might also be interested.

Also, remember to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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