King of Avalon Mod Apk ( Unlimited Money) Free Download

King of Avalon Mod Apk ( Unlimited Money) Free Download

Have you been searching for a game that will get your attention and make you forget your worries?

Why not try the king of Avalon mod apk 2020. This game is been loved by many gamers because of its interesting features, gameplay, storyline, and many others.

The King of Avalon hack mod apk free download is a strategy game that requires the player to pay attention to the functions of the game and its details. Meanwhile, the user has a lot to learn, so the game provides extensive tutorials that are worth paying attention to.

At the same time, the game is suitable for mobile devices with high power and a large screen. Since all functions are located on the game screen, it will be problematic to see the icons from a small smartphone.

Therefore, developers should consider creating a PC version of the King of Avalon, but this is not officially possible, so many players use emulators.

This article should expose you to the most important things you need to know about the king of Avalon mod apk and its download process.

King of Avalon Information Overview

Before we dive into full details of the king of Avalon mod apk download, you must go through the information overview highlighted below;

  • Game Name – King of Avalon
  • Developer – Century Game
  • Version – v7.6.0
  • Category – Strategy
  • Game Size – 106MB
  • Compatibility – Android 4.0 and above

The Gameplay


An obvious feature about the King of Avalon game is the presence of dragons. These dragons will become indispensable helpers in any battle you engage in. Especially, if you can correctly distribute forces and pump abilities.

In general, the dragons have two skills in the game – the aggressor skill and the defender skill. The choice of strength depends on the distribution of the corresponding functions.

Each function is useful at a specific time or for a specific task. Besides, there are different levels in the game which can be increased by killing monsters and enemy units, as well as collecting resources.

Meanwhile, you will have to get acquainted with giant fire-breathing monsters and also the dragon spirits. But you will need a dragon of level 10 or higher to activate this!

The dragon spirit can be male or female depending on your choice. This same dragon spirit can be given a unique name. Anyway, the task of the spirit is to explore the forbidden labyrinth and obtaining rewards for its lord.

For the spirit to efficiently perform its duties, it needs to be pumped by distributing its talents.

Ultimately, the dragon spirit can become strengthened with the ability to inflict significant damage on enemies, possess knights with an increased level of defense, or a mage who uses magic against enemies.

Both magical creatures will come in handy in battles, including the capture of Excalibur. This battle is essentially the climax, as players will have to fight in a kingdom vs. kingdom”.

A successful battle will result in the seizure of the throne. However, before the player has to pump his lord, train his army which requires a well-developed infrastructure of the city.

There are many buildings in your domain, and each of them has a special purpose. As the game progresses, new structures will open up for you, and an advanced training system will help you determine the functional features.

Let’s talk on a few basic buildings that you will get acquainted with at the very beginning of the game.

The Citadel

The Citadel is the main building for any lord in the King of Avalon. By improving this building, you will have the opportunity to develop other buildings on your territory. Also, the level of the citadel affects the limit of troops in a military campaign and their overall strength.

The Bank

The bank is necessary for deposits of gold and making a profit from them. In general, everything is the same as in a regular bank.

The Auction

An auction is a place for those who wish to get their hands on rare and valuable items.

The Forge

Forge, where the player can forge uniforms from special scrolls. The latter is not easy to get: for this, you need to visit a fortune teller or buy boxes from the store.

The Wall

The wall is the main obstacle for the attackers in the siege of the city. Its level should be constantly increased, increasing its protective properties.

After the attack on the city, which ended with your defeat, the wall lights up. The fire lasts half an hour and then goes out, but the most impatient can extinguish it immediately by paying for this gold.

The University

The university is a temple of knowledge and science, where research is carried out in four areas – development, economics, combat, and defense. Choose the strategy that’s right for you and improve the performance that matches it.

The Embassy

The embassy is necessary for communication with its allies. Without this, it is impossible to move to higher levels. The embassy helps to speed up construction and deploy reinforcements on your territory, which are sent by your allies.

The Mines

Mines are areas where resources such as wood, iron, silver, and food for your soldiers are obtained. Collecting resources in King of Avalon is simple – just click on the icon that appears above the structure.

Troop Training Facilities

Troop training facilities, of which there are four types in the King of Avalon include the infantry, cavalry, siege troops, and arrows. Their training is carried out in barracks, stables, siege, and shooting ranges. Additional buildings for the troops are bivouacs, which affect the number of trained soldiers.


Infantry is defenders that are attacking and defensive. Each type of infantry has its characteristics and strengths.

Cavalry is a strike force that is also divided into attack cavalry and defensive cavalry.

Archers are also a striking force, which will be an excellent reinforcement for your allies.

Siege troops are tanks that do not differ in speed but are useful in combating enemy traps.


The list of available buildings does not end there: there are a lot of them in the King of Avalon, and, thanks to this, it is interesting to play.

The Features of King of Avalon Mod Apk

Avalon Mod Apk

You can be sure that the new King of Avalon dragon war multiplayer strategy mod apk is working well for you. You just need to take full advantage of it and manage to have the game you want with it.

You will see that this game will have a lot of features for you to play with. First of all, you will need to form a lot of alliances yourself. You can even train dragons in this game and you can chat with other players as well.

You will also need to use your strategy to be successful. Another thing to do in this game will be to build the foundations of an empire that will please you. Start having fun with this new King of Avalon Hack Mod and manage to reach all your goals with it because all the needed Gold will be available for you to use.

You just have to have fun with this one and manage to get good at this game with it. You will find that no one will ever see that you are cheating because you will have the option to select the best Anti-Ban feature that you want. If you select this feature, you will successfully hide all your private data from being discovered.

This new King of Avalon Hack will bring you all the necessary features and you will manage to enjoy it on your device you will succeed in hiding all your private data from being discovered.

Other interesting features of the game are highlighted below;

  • Great graphics and music which is suitable for the era of the Middle Ages with terrible dragons.
  • An excellent storyline with a variety of events and challenges. Large selection of alliances, as well as the possibility of joint battles.
  • Game chat – It will help to communicate with friends or clanmates.
  • Daily tasks – They will never let you get bored and help you earn many useful items.

King of Avalon Unlimited Money Features:

  • Earn Unlimited Gold
  • It has been tested on Android mobile phones and tablets and iPhone, iPod, iPad Mini, iPad, and other iOS devices!
  • You do not need to root your Android device or iOS device before you can download it.
  • Free online access 24 hours a day!
  • No download or installation required!
  • Updated every time with the game version!
  • There is the presence of the anti-ban system for the security of your account.
  • It is easy to use by anyone and also has a user-friendly interface.
  • Have access to unlimited Gold and get an advantage in the King of Avalon game.

How to Download the King of Avalon Mod Apk

So follow the steps below to install the king of Avalon mod apk.

  1. Click here to download king of Avalon mod apk 9.2.0 DOWNLOAD KING OF AVALON MOD APK
  2. After you have downloaded it, locate where it is saved on your android.
  3. Allow application from unknown sources through your phone settings.
  4. Install the king of Avalon mod apk 2020.
  5. Enjoy!



The King of Avalon is a strategy game where dragons come together with their lords to become the heroes of the game. You are expected to pump up the ranks of dragons, improve the skills of lords, build citadels, and go on a campaign across the map to siege your neighbors.

You shouldn’t forget to share this piece with other gamers online who might be in search of the king of Avalon mod apk download. Remember to share your thoughts about this strategy game in the comment section below.

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