Netflix Mod Apk: The Premium Unlocked Version

Netflix Mod Apk: The Premium Unlocked Version

Netflix Mod Apk: The Premium Unlocked Version
The demand for the Netflix mod apk is on the rise as we have received a lot of mails lately informing us to update it on this platform.

Well, I will say a big congratulations to you because you are not only going to get the Netflix mod apk hack free forever but also learn other things you need to know about the Netflix mod apk 2020.
Whether you want to know about Netflix for iOS, Netflix for PC, and others. You should be aware that Netflix is ​​a popular subscription-based service for watching movies and TV series.

This application allows you to play and view movies, series, and other Netflix content on your chosen device. Meanwhile, it is ​​the undisputed leader in this app category.

All thanks to the incredible amount of content and the exclusive content that makes the application leaves its competitors far behind.

Meanwhile, it is necessary to bear in mind that, for you to view the content of the service you must download the most recent version.

Overview Information on Netflix Mod Apk

  • Publisher – Netflix, Inc.
  • App Category – Social
  • Version – v1.178.1.1
  • Game Size – 11MB
  • Android Requirement – 4.2 and above

Top Features To Use Netflix App Like a Pro

  • Creating Profiles

Even if this may sound simple, you should know that creating a profile on Netflix is ​​essential especially when you are not using it alone.

With this feature, each user keeps their language preferences and reading settings. Creating a profile also allows you to rate the content you watch and get personalized movie and series suggestions, based on previous content viewed on the platform.

To create a new profile, log into your Netflix account, and click Add Profile. Each time they log into the Netflix account, the different users will then have to choose their profile to find their content.

  • Changing the Priority Order of Your Movie List

With its huge number of movies and series available, Netflix allows users to create a personalized section of content to watch later. When multiple movies and series are added to this list, Netflix organizes the order in which they are displayed so that it brings you the titles you are most likely to want to watch first.
The order of this list is then defined according to recent additions, the availability of a new season of a series, or the proximity of the disappearance of content, Netflix regularly removing certain videos from its catalogue.

To change the priority order of your list, go directly to your list management page. You can choose to let Netflix display its suggestions first, or on the contrary, choose a manual order to manage yourself the display order of the titles in your list.

  • Using Keyboard Shortcuts

If you use Netflix mainly from your computer web browser, you should know that it is possible to quickly navigate the platform using keyboard shortcuts. See some of them below;

  • Space or Enter: Play / Pause content
  • F: activate full-screen mode
  • Esc: exit full-screen mode
  • Left Arrow / Right Arrow means Backward / Forward 10 seconds
  • Up arrow / Down arrow means Increase / Decrease volume
  • M: mute


  • Delete Your History

To avoid embarrassing situations, especially if you have to log into your Netflix account in public to launch a movie that is meant for your view only. It is sometimes better to remember to do a little cleaning up in your viewing history.

Netflix relies on previously viewed content to make suggestions that may interest you or even worse, to suggest that you watch the rest of a series that you no longer assume.

Therefore, to delete your Netflix reading history, go to your profile, then in Account, and click on the History menu located in the My Profile section.
Turning off Autoplay for the Next Episode

When you finish watching a series episode, Netflix will automatically start playing the next episode by default. If you are one of those that don’t like this feature, you can easily turn it off.
To do this, open the main menu and go to Account. In the My Profile section, enter Reading Settings. Uncheck the option automatically launch the next episode and confirm by clicking on Save.

  • Download Netflix Offline

As of November 2016, Netflix users can download content for offline viewing on their iPhone or Android smartphone. A few months later, the feature was rolled out to Windows PCs. The users in macOS meanwhile, are still waiting.

On iOS and Android, you’ll find downloadable content by going to the Downloads tab and then tapping on More Videos to Download / Find Videos to Download. All content with a download icon can be stored locally on your smartphone for offline viewing.
The PC users will, in turn, download the Netflix app dedicated, available on Windows 8 and Windows 10.

  • Disconnecting All Devices

Did you log into your Netflix account in the evening at a friend’s house, forgetting to log out when you left? The service has planned everything and offers to remotely disconnect your account from all devices.

Open the main menu and go to Account. In Settings, click Sign out from all devices. Confirm the disconnection by clicking on Disconnect. Netflix says on its page it can take up to eight hours to disconnect all devices.

  • You Can Request Movies and Series That Are Not On Netflix

Favorite movie from your childhood not on the platform? Never mind, Netflix offers its users the possibility of requesting missing movies or series on the platform. To do this, go to the dedicated help page, to submit your suggestions.

  • Activating HD

By default, Netflix automatically manages the quality of the video stream according to your connection to the Internet, but also to the device from which you are connected.
While generally, the quality selected by default is sufficient, it is still possible to force Netflix to display videos in the best available quality. Open the main menu and enter Account. In the My Profile section, click on Reading Settings. You can then manually set the desired quality level, high, in case you only want to view your content in the best quality.

  • Rate the Films for Refined Suggestions

To suggest content you may like, Netflix relies on content that you have already watched. But that’s not all.

The platform also relies on the ratings you leave on movies and series you’ve already watched. In other words, to make sure you have suggestions that suit your tastes, remember to rate the movies and series that appeal to you the most.

  • Watch Netflix As You Listen To a Story

Did you know that it is possible to listen to a series of episodes on Netflix as you listen to a podcast? Whether you use the service from the web browser or a smartphone, the platform offers audio description content in its catalogue.

From a PC, click on the Audio description link displayed at the bottom of the Netflix home page, or go to the dedicated page to directly access the content available in audio description.
On the mobile application, in the Home tab, choose between Series or Film, then in All genres, scroll through all the proposals until you reach Audio description.


Netflix Mod Apk Download

You should have known before now that the modified version of every application possesses more amazing features than their originals. This is the reason why the search for terms like Netflix mod apk Indian version is all over the net.

Anyway, below are the interesting features you will find after downloading the Netflix Mod Apk.

  1. You will get the premium Netflix unlocked for free.
  2. There are no ads challenges.
  3. It works for all regions.
  4. You won’t have to open an account with Netflix.
  5. You will get 4k support.

Click Here to Download Netflix Mod Apk

Click Here to Download Netflix Mod Apk for iOS

Click Here to Download Netflix Mod Apk for PC

Meanwhile, if you still have an eye in the original version, ios version, or smart tv, then you should continue reading this piece.

Netflix Mod Apk: The Premium Unlocked Version

How to Download the Original Netflix Application

You can download the Netflix application for free! Normally, the app is free but the membership is something that you pay monthly according to the plan chosen during registration.
Meanwhile, you should confirm the software requirements for your device before downloading the application. Whether it is a smartphone or tablet, you must ensure compatibility to avoid problems during the installation process.

The download is quite simple because you only have to enter the Store apps from Google Play Store, see the features of this version for Android and proceed with the download.
By the way, you should remember that if you are a new user of the service you can enjoy a free month but after the end of that month, you will start using the chosen plan at the time of registration, so that if you do not want to have the service you must notify it in time.

How to Download Netflix for iOS

netflix mod apk for pc

Just like we said for Android devices, you can also download Netflix on the iPhone using the same logic. The app is free for the first month but you need a membership that will allow you to continue to access the content in movies and series of this streaming content service.
You can create your account and choose the type of plan from the computer. To get this app, you need to visit the App Store where you will see the characteristics of Netflix App for this platform and how to operate it.

How to Download Netflix on Smart Tv

An interesting fact is that luckily the most current Smart TV launched since 2017 and even before and in various brands already have the Netflix app installed by default.
Therefore, you only need to register and choose your membership, but in case If you do not have the application. You can download it on Smart TV by searching the Google Play app store as long as your Smart TV has this operating system.

If you are not sure of the system that your Smart TV uses or if you need to know what to do if you do not have the app installed, it would be advisable to verify this information in the Netflix help centre.

Conclusion Netflix Mod APK

I hope you got everything that you needed about Netflix mod apk download. So ensure you share this with your fellow movie lovers online.
By the way, your comments would be appreciated below. Thanks…

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